About Us

iSImpur Fresh presents itself as a service guided under iSimpur, a key agency as an enabler of Transforming Digital Industry. iSimpur Fresh aims to provide a trustworthy and reliable service – offering a new ‘traditional’ customer service experience through our online platform.

Our initiative is to approach customers with full engagement, envisioned through our attention to detail of the end-to end process.  Our services focuses on everyday essentials and fresh groceries for your family. Our aim is to provide a reliable service – offering a new ‘traditional’ and wholesome shopping experience through our platforms, via iSimpur Fresh website and our iFresh Mobile App.  

By aligning ourselves to the mission of Wawasan Brunei 2035 - in driving Brunei Darussalam as a Smart Nation in the Digital Economy, we are dedicated to help establish a healthy ecosystem between local businesses and retail consumers.
We are truly excited and firmly believe that the company’s growth and success can only be achieved by constantly improving its service excellence.

Listening to all of our valued customers will ultimately allow us to find niches and offer a variety of products and services. We are committed to develop a loyal and trustworthy relationship with our customers. This is envisioned through consistent attention to detail of the end-to-end process - helping our customers adapt their shopping experience to the digital, at-home option, for customers to experience in the comforts of home

Customers will experience an effortlessly safe and secure payment system for their virtual cart. Ultimately, iSimpur Fresh strives to fulfill orders across the nation and deliver safely to your home. 

 With that, we are determined and strive to serve customers based on our Core Values, FRESH;

  • Freshness guaranteed 
  • Reliable service provider 
  • End-to-End process and service excellence
  • Secured payment transaction
  • Home-centric services